The Park Apartments

The long, narrow site of the Central Park Apartments emerges from the need to clearly define the northern edge of the Central Park. To be built in two phases, the overall composition is focused on a pinwheeling pair of residential towers. Abutting the tallest segment of each tower, the adjoining wings vary in height in response to the scale of the adjacent buildings.

A street wall of six storey midrise apartment blocks enfronts the Central Park, giving strong definition to the open space. Along the northern edge of the plot, four storey row houses step down to mediate the scale of the Central Park Apartments with that of the residential plots to the north. Bookending the site at either end, a midrise apartment block houses ground floor convenience retail uses, available to the entire township.

A pair of mirrored common gardens provides a quiet, landscaped internal focus.


Jaipur, India


Vatika Group


Completed 2011