Seven Elements

A 14-acre residential project in Sector 89A is a mix of mid-rise and high-rise towers. The concept of seven elements has been omnipresent throughout the history of civilization and has taken many forms. For instance, the seven chakras correspond to the seven classical elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Light and Time.

The bifurcated site is conceived as a unified composition, each of the two segments associated with a given building type. The seven distinct built elements, comprised of three sets of midrise blocks and four towers further represent a union of opposites, the midrise buildings embracing space within their courtyard gardens, while the towers stand as sculptural objects enveloped by surrounding open space.

The Seven Elements is a pedestrian friendly environment designed to foster community and emphasizing the availability of extensive landscaped open space. In addition to lush gardens, the park like setting accommodates active recreation and several children’s play areas distributed throughout the site.


Vatika Express City, Gurgaon


Vatika Group


Under Construction