PVR & Retail at City Centre, Jaipur

Standing at the head of a series of arcaded retail blocks and anchoring a key intersection of Vatika InfoTech City, the PVR multiplex cinema presents a cluster of seven distinct auditoria. The collection of metal - clad, pitched roof theatres read as free - standing sculptural elements jauntily set in contrast to the stone - clad rectilinear expression of the retail blocks.

Along the principal west - facing boulevard frontage, the cinemas present facades comprised of elevated, illuminated frames housing advertising for the current and future films on offer. To the south, across a small piazza from the retail blocks, a high, deep canopy announces the cinema entry and lobby beyond and provides a sheltered transition experience for arriving viewers. To the north, a large piazza provides a dense, shady bosque, bench seating and a clearing for outdoor gatherings and performances against the backdrop of the theatres.


Vatika Infotech City, Jaipur


Vatika Group


Design Development