Vatika City 2

The proposed new township on 87 acres of land will bring approximately 4,950 new homes and complementary uses including shops and services, businesses, and park spaces for 23,000 people. The new township is joined to an already established township immediately to its Southern extent, that together will form a much greater urban conurbation along the Dwarka Expressway and National Highway as well as the new Metroline that would make the area a desirable and convenient place to live.

The new township, Vatika City 2, is formed by several distinct clusters of neighbourhoods with access to more open and green spaces with clear spatial continuity and connected movement networks - pedestrian, cycling, and vehicular. The urban scale of development provides a range of residences from low-rise terraces types, to mid-rise blocks and high-rise towers that define open spaces and streets or establish larger scale locational markers.

A hierarchy of primary and secondary spaces are planned and include a large urban square with retail and community uses, a central park and smaller scale community spaces.


Gurgaon, India


Vatika Group


Design Complete