Al Markaz – City Centre

Masdar City is a newly planned city of 6 sqkm forming a highly sustainable ‘carbon neutral’ city for a population of approximately 50,000 inhabitants, 60,000 commuters and 15,000 businesses in Abu Dhabi.

The approximately 1.1 million square feet City Centre project will be a demonstration of the city’s vision for a highly sustainable low carbon development project with coordinated infrastructure and services that would distinguish it regionally as being more environmentally responsive from other projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The city centre project will create a vibrant destination with a retail centre, high quality office buildings and Masdar City’s corporation headquarters, a premier 240-room hotel and serviced residences set in a pedestrian and park-like environment. The project is organized by a shaded central pedestrian galleria with ground level retail and café type uses and offices above that will reinforce activity and use of a primary public space for the city.


Masdar, Abu Dhabi


Westcourt Real Estate Consortium


Concept Design complete