West One
Location: Bengaluru, India Client: Confidential Status: Design Development

The 6.6 acre West One residential development in Bengaluru is envisioned as a family oriented, pedestrian friendly community. Three architecturally distinct building blocks are surrounded by greens and define a large south facing Central Park characterized by a gently rolling greensward and bounded by a densely planted forest rooted in virgin soil.

Set within the park, a freestanding Club offers a community lounge, gymnasium, and an outdoor swimming pool. Mature existing teak and silver wood trees edge the northern boundary alongside ground floor private gardens.

The site entry, first passes by a collection of eateries and convenience retail outlets comprising the ground floor of the foursquare east entry block. From there, in an effort to minimize the presence of the automobile in the landscape, vehicular traffic is routed directly through a formal entry court to a single pair of parking ramps. Residents may choose to park near their individual lift lobby within the single level basement or be dropped off at their building entry along the sinuous park drive.

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design by new level