studio u+a Offices
Location: Gurgaon, India Status: Completed 2012

The offices of Studio u+a are located atop the Vatika Business Park Tower Block. Emerging from the lifts, a layered spatial composition may be sensed. The first layer is comprised of a loft - like linear Lobby which serves as a reception, waiting, exhibition and breakout space, its various functions defined as events within the larger volume by carefully placed screen walls and furniture groups and unified by a carpet – like handset marble mosaic terrazzo floor. At one end, the Lobby leads to conference rooms and administrative areas. At the opposite end, access to service areas may be found.

Running the length of the Lobby, a diaphanous membrane of polycarbonate panels serves as the interface with the Design Studio, allowing a sense of activity within and natural light beyond. A multicolored series of mobile storage units within the Studio is visible in soft focus through the translucent wall. The open – plan Design Studio, fostering collaborative interaction and full of natural light and views over Gurgaon, is the beating heart of the operation.

The final layer of the composition is the full – length Terrace, open to the sky and separated from the interior only by an expansive wall of north – facing glass.

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