Vatika One on One
Location: India Next, Gurgaon Area: 13.0 Acres Client: Vatika Group Status: Under Construction

The Vatika One on One commercial development is situated at one of the most distinct locations for high quality offices set around a new public square. The site of approximately 13.0 acres is adjacent to a natural preserve that would contribute to creation of a pleasant working environment.

The occupants of the development will enjoy a large and vibrant urban space surrounded by ground level retail shops, restaurants and cafes that complement the distinctiveness of the development and individual buildings.

The commercial development consists of a landmark tower of approximately 120m tall with uninterrupted vistas to Delhi and Gurgaon. The 7-storey office buildings reinforcing the public space with approximately 120,000 sqft each that would not only be attractive to individual companies but to multi-tenanted occupants; and a mid-rise office tower of ten-storeys defining the gateway to the development.

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